Scott Dvorak

As a Founding Partner and Principal of Balance Design, my passion has always been creating great work with the talented people around me, to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Tension and harmony. Simplicity and depth. Intuition and purpose. Creativity and intelligence. Vision and evolution. Using an intuitive and personalized approach, to get to the core of what you want to say, and help you communicate your vision effectively and creatively.

I love contrast. My interests are as broad as they are changing, from music to spending time in the northwoods, but they all have one thing in common – creativity.


Leah Gregory

My role at Balance covers a wide range of responsibilities from client interactions about proposals, payment terms and invoices, to making sure our team here in the office is properly caffeinated. I thrive in environments where I can enter a space, assess a need, and find the best way to fulfill it. I find great delight in knowing that our clients and team members have everything they need to move forward in whatever project is at hand.

My energetic positivity, combined with a love of organization, make my current role as Office Manager a real joy in my life.

When I am not at Balance you can find me reading a good book, being chauffeur extraordinaire to my 3 kids, or grabbing some Mexican food with my favorite guy.


Robyn Bernd

Every project I get to work on is a reflection of both Balance and the client we are representing. I keep this idea as my main focal point whether I’m designing, managing production, or handling communications, to ensure that our client is not only happy with the final outcome, but with the entire process from start to finish. Nothing feels better than working on a project and then seeing the finalization of the piece, knowing that it best fits our clients’ needs.

Creativity has always been part of my innermost being. I often draw inspiration from nature, literature, and even cartoons. Creating is that part of my life where time is lost, and I am consumed in the process. I am at my happiest when surrounded by beauty, whimsy, and a little bit of chaos.

When I’m not at my computer designing, I’m usually drawing, listening to the latest podcasts, or sewing characters that have requested their presence be made in this world. Who am I to deny their requests?


Lilian Gonzales

Finding just the right words for any project or situation has always been one of my life’s passions. As a copywriter, I’m able to use this passion to arrange words in a way that best reflects what my clients want to communicate. My priority is to articulate clients’ ideas in a style that is authentic to them, while adding my own personal flare through the English language.

I employ a variety of inspirational sources for my writing, including classic literature, Tchaikovsky, and occasionally a thesaurus. Aside from writing, I enjoy taking long walks with my husband, listening to music in my car, and watching my son Preston grow and change every day.